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The Story of
Direct Access Realty

How we started - In the very early 1980’s Steve Balej and Ken Betzler sold real estate under different nationally recognized real estate companies. In the latter part of the 1980’s Steve became involved in the ownership of multiple Re/max franchises while Ken worked under a different large real estate company.  In 1989 Ken joined Re/max and Steve along with Ken continued working under Re/max until 1995.

The Beginning of the Internet – In the early 1990’s the internet was in its infancy and just starting to become popular. Almost everything on the web was in text. There were very few pictures because the internet speed was hundreds of times slower (2800bps) than it is today.   As internet speed increased what seemed like almost monthly, it became apparent that the real estate market was about to change forever and it was this early vision that prompted the formation of Direct Access Realty.

A New Concept – Direct Access Realty was the first company in Minnesota to offer the availability of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to for sale by owners with the availability of assistance with licensed real estate brokers. At this time the Direct Access concept (for sale by owner with licensed broker assistance) was extremely popular with about 27.5 million in closed sales our 2nd year in business.

Adapting to Change – As time continued and selling real estate became more complicated and more regulated, people started to again become interested in the more traditional approach with full service and full professional representation. The complexities of selling real estate continue to increase every year and the regulation and requirements very different from just a few years ago. People need the highest level of professional experience now more than ever when it comes to technical side of the buying and selling process.

Custom and Affordable – Because your real estate needs are unique, we structure every situation differently.  We listen carefully to you first, and then we create a custom affordable package just for you.

We add convenience to the process, and you always get the highest and best professional service available.  Let us show you how easy and effective it is to work with Direct Access Realty.

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